Monday, October 29, 2007

Midwestern Landscape by Darren Maurer

11" x 14"

I always hear people talking of their trips by car across the Midwest and often they will say how boring the drive is. I never grow tired of the landscape across this part of the country. It changes throughout the year depending on seasons. The colors are stunning and the things going on always interesting. The small towns have their own personalities. They all have two bars and one grain elevator and one post office. This painting focuses on the farm fields in early fall. The detail work on the land shows the farm houses and out building dotting the land as far as one can see. When I started this blog one of my main goals was to teach people to really look instead of just seeing. If you are looking you will never get bored. This piece is one of my very favorite landscapes paintings. This painting is available in my eBay store. $450.00 (Click Here to View This Painting in My eBay Store)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Red and White Fishing Bobber by Darren Maurer

6" x 8"

I'm back to painting I think. As some of you know, we had our computer crash a few weeks ago. It has taken the past month to get everything back to somewhat normal. As mentioned before if you were a subscriber please re-subscribe because I also lost my entire email list of blog subscribers. I developed a bad case of painters block due to not being able to post any new work and lost any to all desire to paint. I'm back at my easel now and feel re-energized.

Red and white fishing bobbers are one of my favorite subjects to paint in miniature form. They always remind me of fishing as a kid in Nebraska. I loved watching them dancing on the surface of a lake or pond waiting for a huge bass to take my bait. I loved reeling them across the water over and over to check my bait until my grandpa gave me an important piece of fishing advice one afternoon. "The fish are in the water." he said. This particular bobber shows some age from many years of rolling around inside an old metal tackle box. The discoloration around the middle area of the white half of the bobber are rust stains. That is the portion of the bobber that was continuously in contact with the bottom of the rusty metaltackle tray. I like the simple design of this painting and the overall warm feel of the piece. This is painting 173 in my Painting A Day Series. Painting Sold
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