Sunday, March 31, 2013

Art Lessons in Sioux City

Both 8x8 

I started teaching private painting lessons a couple weeks ago. Other than teaching painting at our local Sioux City Art Center a few times I don't have any other experience teaching. The twelve year old granddaughter of some very good friends of ours is interested in drawing and has a real talent with a pencil. Her mother wanted to expand her knowledge beyond the art classes at the public school she attends. We decided to try some painting lessons for a few weeks and see where it goes. I painted a little demo of an apple the first two classes which is shown at the top of this post. Next time she will start painting. She is mature for a twelve year old and asks great questions. I am confident we will make an oil painter out of her before we are done.

The second apple was also painted as demo piece at the Sioux City Boys & Girls Home. My wife and I have donated to this facility in the past and plan to continue into the future. I offered to donate some time and teach a painting class there a couple times a week for about four weeks. The kids seem interested and also ask some great questions. There are about seven boys ranging in ages from about 12 to 15 in the class and they are going to start painting next time as well. I think it would be great if even one student here could see that they had a talent that can take them to a good place when they are older. I will keep my blog up to date on how the classes are going.

Neither painting is for sale. I gave the top one away to my friend's granddaughter and the second painting will be framed and donated to the unit on the floor where the boys live at the Boys & Girls Home.
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