Sunday, May 23, 2010

Large Landscape by Darren Maurer

102"x 156"
The painting is still going well. My deadline is June 1. I work on it in every free moment available. (Once again I remind everyone that the photos on this post were taken earlier in the process and the painting is much further along at this point in time.)
You can see in the first photo where another plane of middle ground has been added to the landscape. I decided it needed another plane to help add the immense sense of distance I am trying to achieve. The bison were painted in with a dark thin wash of paint to help me keep them located when roughing in the grasses in the foreground. (As mentioned earlier, having the smaller bison in the composition at this point was a mistake.) I started roughing in the abstract shapes that will become prairie grasses around the bison. Painting around the bison was tedious and took away from the loose painterly style. I decided to paint out the smaller bison and then paint them back at a later time when the foreground was more finished. I will post more early this week.


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