Sunday, May 16, 2010

Big Painting II

102" x 156"

I'm still working on this painting. Once again I will remind everyone that the painting is much further at this time along than these photos show. I have been documenting the entire process of this piece and will continue to add new photos every few days to show the progress.

I started by roughly sketching in some of the bison onto the canvas. (Note: This will later prove to be a mistake) I then sprayed the rough pencil line bison with fixative so I didn't erase them when I toned my canvas. I like to tone my canvas for landscapes with a russet orange color and then let some of the orange tone show through in areas when the painting is finished. (Note: I think it just looks cool) I let the orange tone dry fully for about one day and then begin painting. Here I am starting the sky. Notice I can talk on the phone with friends while painting! (Note: When I'm on the phone I am almost always talking about painting, dinosaurs, or fishing.) The last photo shows paint laid in for the sky. I will later add some clouds to make it more interesting. The next post will show the far distant horizon of the open prairie. (To be continued.....)


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