Thursday, February 25, 2010

Clown Sundae by Darren Maurer

16" x 20"
There is a restaurant here in Sioux City, Iowa that has been in business for 80 years now. The Green Gables restaurant opened in 1929 and is quite famous near and far for the excellent home cooked meals and ice cream dishes they serve up. When my daughters were little the Gables, which is how we refer to the restaurant in our home, was always a very popular choice for going out to eat. The main attraction for my girls is what came after the meal. The famous Green Gables Clown Sundae. A single scoop of vanilla ice cream piled into a glass ice cream dish, topped with an ice cream cone for a hat, whipped cream sprayed along the length of the hat and m&m's candies dotting the nose, eyes, and decorations on the hat. I would not want to calculate the number of these sundaes that have been built in last 80 years. It would easily reach into the hundreds of thousands. I wanted to paint a clown sundae and really like how this painting shows the simple design and yet has a dramatic feel to it. The glass ice cream bowl was extremely fun to paint also. This painting will be made into an edition of fine canvas giclee prints and will be available through the Green Gables gift shop. I'm not sure what I will do with the original painting yet.


Blogger John Vander Stelt said...

Great idea for a painting and executed very well! Great work Darren. I think these will sell like hotcakes...or like clown sundaes...

4:40 AM  
Blogger Cara said...

Very nice...

6:40 PM  

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