Sunday, October 18, 2009

Monopoly Shoe Game Piece - by Darren Maurer

3" x 3"
I have finished ten miniature paintings that all show a different game piece from the Parker Brother's game, Monopoly. The art will be posted one at a time over a three week period. A painting will be posted on my blog page the evening before it is posted for sale on an eBay auction. Auctions will begin at $49. Subscribers to my blog page will receive an email announcing the latest painting the evening before it is listed on eBay. Paintings will not be listed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evenings.

This idea appealed to me initially from the connection between players and the game pieces they had to use. For instance, I always prefer to use the wheelbarrow. My daughter Emily always likes to be the thimble. I'm sure someone out there must always use the shoe. All of the game pieces are shown on a random piece of Monopoly property. This is painting 294 in my miniature painting series. Painting Sold.


Anonymous Charlie said...

It's a tough choice between which is my favorite shoe...the red pump or the Monopoly shoe....

2:45 PM  

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