Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Bedtime Story - by Darren Maurer

5" x 7"
I'm skipping the Monopoly painting I was going to post today until tomorrow. I have been thinking about the 300 paintings on my blog page and have decided to start including paintings of people doing normal everyday tasks. I have some ideas in mind but plan on just letting the concepts come to me as I see them. This painting is something I have wanted to paint for sometime now. The father reading a book to his two children just before bedtime. I didn't try to capture every little detail in the scene but rather to capture the essense of the moment. The people are some friends that I made through our blog pages and I want them to have the painting so it won't be available. If you would like to check in on their family blog page you can click HERE. They always have something fun going on. This is painting 301 in my miniature painting series.


Blogger John Vander Stelt said...

This has a nice warm feel to it. I like the painterly feel. Also, congratulations on the 300 paintings!

4:53 PM  
Blogger Darren Maurer said...

Thanks John. It was an enjoyable piece to work on.

6:30 PM  
Blogger Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

I know these people, too, and I can hardly wait to see it in person. What a beautiful picture!

1:33 PM  

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