Sunday, March 01, 2009

Egg - Daily Painting by Darren Maurer

5" x 7"
I like cracking open an egg and letting it do whatever. It is the same everytime and it is different everytime. The time of day, location in the room, the difference in the light from the window, the color of the surface beneath the egg all of these variables plus and endless amount of others make a contribution to how the egg appears. This one had a funky light reflection on it from a nearby window. It reminded me of painting an egg and then painting little abstract paintings on top of it. My favorite part of the entire painting is the little bubble in the egg white. This is painting 270 in my Painting A Day Series. Painting Available $100. (Email Me for Purchase Details)


Blogger Cara Dawn Romero said...

WOW Darren - just plain ol' WOW! I'm like you, the bubble is wonderful. Isn't it funny how we have favorite things in a painting? I do it too but thought, until reading your post, that I was the only one -

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love them. True proof that less is more!!!

2:53 PM  

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