Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tricycle #3 - Commission Painting by Darren Maurer

12" x 12"
I have painted this old tricycle before. I love the worn seat and the weathered red and white paint. The best paintings always tell a story and tricycles have many stories to tell. My client saw my previous tricycle painting and wanted one of his own. I enjoyed painting on a slightly larger scale than most of my miniature paintings. Commission Painting Sold.

I also wanted to call everyone's attention to the work of my friend John Vander Stelt from Maurice, Iowa. John is a fantastic artist and I have always admired his work. One of my favorite artists is Edward Hopper and John's work has a very hopperish feel to it. John started his painting blog titled "Paintings from A Small Town" a few weeks ago. I encourage everyone to check his blog by clicking this link: Paintings from A Small Town. I also highly recommend clicking the link to his website while visiting his blog page. Check the Fine Art section and you will see what I mean about the Edward Hopper since of time and light John has in his work. Send him an email and welcome him to the painting blog world if you get a chance. He is great guy also.


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