Monday, September 08, 2008

Fleamarket Teddy Bears - Daily Painting by Darren Maurer

9" x 12"
Over Labor Day weekend we went to the Iowa Great Lakes with some friends and stayed at their parents lake home for a couple of days. We were away from all the hub bub and tourists which made it very quiet, laid back, and relaxing. One day a bunch of us went to a local fleamarket that is open on the weekends during the tourist season. We didn't purchase much but I did spot these teddy bears on one of the merchants tables. They were old and tattered and looked like they all belonged together. I love the fact that the sales tags were all tied on to each bear. The tags make my title of "Fleamarket Teddy Bears" make sense. This is painting 241 in my Painting A Day Series. I will list this painting Tuesday evening around 7pm on eBay unless someone purchases before then. It is priced a little higher than my normal price because it is a larger size than my normal 5x7s or 6x8s. $200. UPDATE: Painting Sold at 10:45am.


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