Friday, August 29, 2008

Progress Photo of 30" x 30" PB & J Sandwich

30" x 30"

Here is proof that I have been working the last couple of weeks. I have mentioned in my blog before about the positives of painting the miniature oil paintings. One of the main positives for me is I get to see the reaction of people to different paintings before I have spent sometimes hundreds of hours finishing the painting. This particular painting is a large version of one of the miniatures I finished earlier this year. The original 6" x 6" PB & J would be very close to getting the award for most talked about and commented on painting I have finished out of all 240 paintings so far. I had a flood of emails and it sold practically within minutes after posting it online. I am planning on painting several of the smaller more popular paintings on a larger scale. I would like to make a goal of finding two or three art galleries in successful markets and show several of the pieces. I should have this finished by early next week.


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