Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More than just a Painter

This is obviously a three dimensional waffle cone with a scoop of ice cream on top. The entire ice cream cone measures about eleven feet high and is close to five feet in diameter at it's widest point. Along with ideas and help from my wife and another friend, we were the architects, designers, engineers, sculptors and painters for the whole project and I was quite relieved when it rolled out the door all finished last week. There were several issues to solve before beginning to build the cone. How will it attach to the float and stand up? How will it handle a wind load? How would the internal structure be constructed? What materials would be best suited to make a large realistic ice cream cone? The last thing and the most important item to my family and every neighbor from blocks around.....what flavor should the ice cream be? The cone will be used as a featured item in a few parades this summer. I really enjoy these types of projects and have completed several of them over the past ten years. I would love to have part of my business be designing and building large three dimensional objects for parades, trade shows or whatever. In addition to being extremely challenging, they provide a sometimes needed break from painting. It is still art but different.


Blogger Carol Marine said...

Wow! What a feat this must have been. The waffle cone is magnificent!!! I am so curious as to what materials you used and how you ended up with such a realistic cone. And ... I have to ask ... what flavor IS the ice cream?

8:59 PM  
Blogger Darren Maurer said...

I used a number of different materials including foam, wire, chicken wire, wood, paper, glue and staples. I was very happy with the realistic finish. The brand is Wells' Blue Bunny ice cream. The flavor is my girls' favorite and it is called Bunny Tracks.

9:21 PM  
Blogger muddy red shoes said...

Thats fantastic Darren. I used to make life size dinosaurs and once a minature white house. I love different scale things, this cone looks wonderful, well done.

10:21 PM  
Blogger Katherine Tyrrell said...

Darren - I looked at the Daily Paintworks e-mail in my inbox this morning - and I looked at the tiny thumbnail and thought "That's got to be a giant ice cream cone!"

Then I clicked on to the link to the Daily Paintworks site and a larger image and was even more convinced

Then I got to your blog - and there it was - a giant ice cream cone!!!

Then I find out you conceived it and built it before you painted it - twice!!! It's truly magnificent.

I have just one question - can I use it as my featured image on my weekly Sunday round-up post on Making A Mark next Sunday - with credits and links to this post of course?

And after Sarah's comment, I'm just wondering how many other people have built giant 'things'........

2:39 AM  
Blogger Belinda Del Pesco said...

It's Wonderful! Very well done. The model makers at all the theme parks around the country would be proud! :o) And what's in the ice cream flavor bunny tracks?

8:00 AM  

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