Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Green Mason Jar - Daily Painting by Darren Maurer

6" x 6"

This is a mason jar that I found in a flea market store a few months ago. It is the same one that I used in the Jar of Buttons painting on September 5, 2007. I emptied the buttons out and painted it alone this time. The green glass is extremely cool and fun to paint. I used a light muted out pinkish tone for the background. I want everyone to describe something for someone else tomorrow and use the term, light muted out pinkish tone, in your description somehow. I think it could catch on as a favorite color with the right kind of promotion. This is painting 209 in my Painting A Day Series. Painting Sold.


Blogger Ann Reyes said...


8:18 PM  
Blogger Barbara Pask said...

This is wonderful. You did such a perfect job on the printing on the jar. Please consider posting photos of the stages of your paintings. Barb

8:16 AM  

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