Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vintage Cafe Sign - Daily Painting by Darren Maurer

8" x 10"

We have a restaurant here in Sioux City that is a local favorite of people that live here. It sits on a highway that goes through town and used to be the only way to go through Sioux City from north to south. A bypass was built a few years ago and now all the non local traffic goes around. The restaurant still does a booming business from the local customers anyway but the sign has seen better days. This painting is a commission piece for a new art collector in northern California. We met a few weeks ago by chance in another eBay business transaction and found out we have both been in the sign business for several years. After looking through my blog he wanted one of the paintings and asked me to send any one of them and he would be happy with it. I wanted to paint a piece that maybe had more meaning than just picking one at random. I have been wanting to paint this sign for awhile now and I thought it would be perfect. The sky is a brilliant northern California blue, The sign has a nostalgic vintage look to it. I also decided to crop in on the sign and just paint the "C and the A". Get it? This is painting 171 in my Painting A Day Series. Commission Painting - Sold


Blogger k. Madison Moore said...

Wonderful realistic piece. I love your work.
Regards, Madison

5:47 AM  
Anonymous Charlie said...

Not only are you fine tuning your painting skills, you are refining your writing skills as well. I enjoy reading your reflections.

7:33 PM  

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