Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Federal Duck Stamp Entry

Written on: August 7, 2007

I am working on a design and painting to enter into this year's Federal Duck Stamp Contest. I decided at the last minute to do this and I am pressed for time to finish by next Wedsnesday. I have spent about 40 hours since last Sunday working on it. It is coming along but needs a lot of work yet. I might post it when I'm finished. I won't be posting any new miniatures until this stamp painting is on its way to Washington DC though. Keep checking back because I have some interesting ideas in the works.

Update: August 16, 2007

I finished the stamp design and posted it here. The man in the painting is Ding Darling. He founded the Federal Duck Stamp Program and also designed the very first stamp 75 years ago showing a pair of mallards over a marsh. I decided to honor him for the 75th anniversary of the stamp with a portrait of him in the background and also show a pair of mallards over a marsh. Painting Sold. $1100 This painting was purchased by a collector and will be used in a traveling art exhibit featuring Federal Duck Stamp art and artists. Although this piece was never choosen as a Federal Duck Stamp design it will be used to honor Ding Darling as the first Federal Duck Stamp designer in the exhibit.


Blogger zemandemon said...

Great stamp Darren,

Lots of luck to you. I will be pulling for you.


12:57 PM  
Blogger Nolan said...

Awesome work Darren! I hope that's my next duck stamp! Best of luck.

4:56 PM  
Anonymous bev lynott said...

I am positive this is the 2008 winner. I feel so fortunate to have a co-worker like you. You just keep getting better and better, but I think this is the one you have been waiting for.


5:52 PM  

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