Monday, July 31, 2006

Grandpa with Grandchild by Darren Maurer

8" x 10"
This is a commissioned pencil drawing that I finished this week. I always work from photographs on portraits. Babies aren't usually cooperative for very long. I was lucky to find a suitable photograph from the client. I almost always take the reference photos myself unless distance between the client and myself makes it impossible. I am hoping to get back into painting a few miniatures very soon. I still have some other obligations to complete first. Thanks for looking and if you happen to know this grandpa don't say anything about this, its a surprise!!


Blogger Peter Yesis said...

Beautifully handled Darren! It will make a wonderful surprise I am sure. How did it feel to draw again after doing so many paintings?

6:33 AM  
Blogger Darren Maurer said...

I like to draw about as much as I like to paint. As you well know Peter, a good drawing is an absolute must before you can paint a good painting. Some artists layout compositions with a light pencil drawing and others use brushes and thin paint. Whatever works, but good paintings always start with a solid drawing. Tell Kim hello from all of us!!!

10:33 PM  

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