Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finished!!!!!!!!!!!!! Large Landscape Commission

"Grazing American Bison" Here is the finished painting! My wife, ShLoe, and my good friends Mike, Kevin, and Chris McCormick helped install the piece on a wall. The painting will be the background for a museum display. The McCormick's are a creative multitalented family and I am proud to know them.

A close up of the closest bison.
The wall where the painting will be applied.

The painting cut from it's frame and laying on the floor.
Mike mixing wall paper paste. Kevin and Chris watch. We covered the wall and the back of the painting.

Myself, Kevin and Mike moving the canvas.
Kevin and I on the top corners. Mike and Chris on the bottom corners with ShLoe eyeballing the position of the canvas.

Kevin, myself and ShLoe positioning the painting.

Mike working the wrinkles out.

Here is the finished painting installed on the wall. With the brooding artist standing in front of it. (Note: Most people don't realize this entire piece was completed using nothing more than a 9 inch paint roller. wink, wink)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Large Landscape

102" x 156"
I haven't posted in awhile. My workload has been heavy but shows signs of weakening soon. I am looking forward to finishing some miniature paintings again in the near future. The large painting is almost finished and is scheduled to be installed in the museum next Monday. I hope it is dry by then! I'll post some photos of the finished painting and then again later of the finished project.
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